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Importance of Meetings on same level in distributed Teams

While sharing customer experiences about distributed scrum a very simple action came up, that could have big impact to team culture and satisfaction. Last week we made a workshop with one of our team sourcing customers, that has it's own nearshore team at youngculture as workbench extension of his local developement team. While discussion with customer about they're implementation of a distributed scrum we noticed one simple action I'd like to share with you.

Usually meetings, e.g. daily standup, were done using video conferencing. Therefor each part of team moves to it's meeting room. So far so good.


In this case scrum master was part of local part of scrum team. So local team was talking and talking and often after a while they realized, that delocated part of scrum team was recently disconnected because of network issue. This sounds now nothing special, this happened to everybody of us in the past.

However, customer had afterwards internal discussions about this from another perspective. How this meeting passed off until this moment from point of view of delocated part of team?-The local part of team put themselfs in place of delocated team members and decided together the following action.

From now on scrum master was in any meetings added remotely too. In my opinion they reached with this very simple action, that  both parts of team are handled at same level. Doing so local part of team accepted delocated part of team as full-fledged team members!

To be honest I never looked at this from this perspective, but I will give this higher priority in the future for sure.